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The Reformed Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of MATTHEW  D. TAYLOR as its new Facilitator for Young Adult Programs, effective June 1. Matt is a currently a student in the doctoral program in Theological and Religious Studies, with an emphasis in religious pluralism, at Georgetown University. A graduate of the M.A. program of Fuller Theological Seminary, he is now a member of the Session (and thus a ruling elder) at the Georgetown Presbyterian Church, where he has played an active role in the development of young adult ministries. He previously worked in California as a member of the staff of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, and he also served as the College Director at the Trinity United Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in Santa Ana.
    With the advice and support of a Reformed Institute working group on young adult ministries, Matt will be responsible for developing new program offerings for people in the 20/30 something age range that are sponsored by the Institute. Inquiries about this part of the Institute's work should be directed to him at or 703.518.5125.
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The Reformed Institute’s 2015-2016 Lay Theological Colloquy
Faith and Computer Technology: Connecting Bytes and Beliefs

Led by: Dr. Derek Schurmann, Professor of Computer Science at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario.

This colloquium will begin by sketching a brief philosophy of technology. Drawing on the work of thinkers like Jacques Ellul, Marshall McLuhan and Neil Postman, it will be argued that computer technology is not neutral, but value-laden. Computer technology has a bias, and it includes substantial legal, ethical, social, cultural and faith implications. But how can the Scriptures guide us when they include no mention of computers?

Working within the Reformed tradition, a biblical perspective of computer technology will be forged around the grand biblical themes of creation, fall, redemption and new creation. As we progress through the colloquy we will explore how computer technology and the issues that arise can be understood within the grand narrative of the biblical story.

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